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Setting the Standard

For safe, efficient working practices.

Due to congestion and underground infrastructure in cities, vacuum excavation minimizes the risk of damaging utilities whose positions are often inaccurately marked or unknown.

Intake hoses can reach wherever the work needs to be done, making it much simpler than conventional equipment, Which is heavy and consumes plenty of needed space. The process is fast and precise and because the material being removed is being pumped into a container or piped off-site, there is much less clean-up in the working area.

Suction excavation eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual labor, making the process safer and positively affecting the project’s bottom line.

Safety and Efficiency

IVTS USA specialized Material Transfer Systems Equipment’s low-profile vacuum/delivery units can safely remove materials from behind TBM (Tunnel Boring Equipment) and place them wherever you want them on the job site. Our powerful vacuum equipment is unique in its design that is intended for specialized projects and operations.


excellent for rock, gravel, sand, sludge, and slime, wet or dry
The PV500 vacuum unit picks up and then discharges your material through a pipeline to your desired location, miles away. Material picked up can be used to fill trucks, hoppers, rail cars, etc. It can also be placed back into your production circuit – the flexibility of the machine means that the possibilities are endless.

The venturi-type vacuum/discharge unit is powered by compressed air. No wiring or electrical connections are required. An internal 12-volt system runs all the controls.



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