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Overcoming Challenge

Industrial applications for pumping liquids and sludges are extremely varied.

Liquids, sludge, and slurries are heavy, thick, and abrasive, sometimes corrosive, making them very difficult on equipment. They can cause excessive wear on standard pump systems and their components. It is often a challenge to make slurry pumps Last or remain cost-effective when there is constant maintenance.

Pump blockages can result from large amounts of grit, debris, and fibrous matter; this is a problem that wastewater and effluent treatment plants face almost daily. The fouling of a pump’s impeller is a problem that costs companies a lot of money in terms of plant downtime, pump repair, and even complete pump replacement. The transfer of solids-laden water encountered particularly in mining and quarrying must be done efficiently and that requires a pump to be powerful, low maintenance, and capable of standing up to the possibly aggressive nature Of the pumped liquid.

Ideal for Industrial Areas

Engineers often need an industrial pump that can handle solids, and corrosive liquids, or meet explosion-proof requirements but find their conventional equipment breaks down too often to be effective. IVTS industrial vacuum systems were designed to handle these difficult materials with ease and efficiency.

Our material transfer units are ideal for industrial areas such as cement plants, steel mills, railroads, oil refineries, chemical plants, foundries, and power-generating stations. Our portable, pneumatic systems can move virtually any material by utilizing heavy-duty intake hoses and deliver that material precisely where it needs to be.

The discharge is completely customizable, so the transferred material can be discharged directly into a containment unit on site or sent via pipeline kilometers away. There are almost no moving parts on our units, making breakdowns and maintenance a problem for the competition to worry about. A safe and effective material transfer is what we do!



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