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Oil & gas

Delivering Performance

The Oil & Gas industry is tough on equipment and expects high-performance results.
When material needs to be transferred, the job must be done efficiently and, in most cases, done in a harsh environment. The Oil & Gas sector spans the globe, requiring industrial equipment to be versatile and able to perform optimally in all conditions and complete an endless variety of tasks.

Some materials are a consistent issue for petrochemical companies, they are ever-present and can be brutal on machinery.

Pumping and Clean-up

Wastewater, Sludge, Slime, and Tailings are abundant in this industry.
The “leftovers” from the wide range of processes carried out on an oil or gas rig. These liquids and semi-liquids are heavy, thick, and abrasive, often corrosive. The IVTS PV500 was designed to complete heavy-duty material handling jobs quickly and safely with little to no maintenance. Tailings are no problem for IVTS’s powerful systems and because our units are portable and can be configured to any task, we feel confident about taking on the most difficult of challenges. Transfer your waste material 30 m vertically from tank or shaft bottoms, in addition to horizontal transfers that can be done for Kilometers!


excellent for rock, gravel, sand, sludge, and slimes, wet or dry

Sand on a rig site is ever present in all types of forms. Sands can build up around a work site, either from wind and natural processes or as debris from extraction processes. Wet or dry, sand is always hard on equipment due to its abrasiveness. Fracsand or Proppant is an engineered material used in the Oil & Gas industry. Like conventional sand, Proppant does not tend to flow well and is abrasive. The PV500 has been tested in the lab and out in the field by sands of all varieties. These units consistently impress with their performance on strenuous material handling projects.



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